right border graphic 40 years of museum quality experience and reasonable rates too chucks taxidermy heading elkhead in siloette Shop and Cell: 541-979-2880

Chuck's Taxidermy will professionally mount, restore, or clean your:

  • Life Size
  • Game Head
  • Rugs
  • Trophy
  • Bird
  • Fish

or other trophies.


NEW Service Available

We are licensed with the Fish and Game Import/Export services.

We have made arrangements with a world-wide overseas broker to facilitate the importing of your trophies from any location in the world.

Chuck has 40 years experience in the Taxidermy Industry, and he will give your trophy a quality appearance that you will be proud to display.







Before you go out on the hunt, call me and I will give you the all the information you need to field care your trophy, so you get the very best results.

Good luck on your hunt.

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